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Internationally recognized Master of Science degree (MSc), accredited by the NVAO (Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders) and the AACSB

Create a solid foundation for an illustrious career

In today's complex business environment, you have to be alert and respond in time to the many changes and innovations. In the part-time Master of Business Administration you will learn how to tackle challenges from different perspectives. That is why our MScBA is a broad international business education in which we also work on strengthening your leadership qualities from a personal approach and coaching. In short: with the part-time Master's degree in Business Administration you lay a broad foundation for a illustrious career.

This program has a Dutch and an English version.

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Participant profile

The part-time Master's degree in Business Administration is aimed at professionals and young executives who want to increase their chances at their current employer or on the labor market. A valuable program for those who do not have a background in business administration and wish to increase their knowledge in international business management or business administration. Do you have a number of years of work experience and a completed college or university education and do you have the ambition to grow quickly, both in your work and on a personal level? Then opt for the part-time Master of Business Administration and you will develop yourself into a successful and responsible leader of the future.

InCompany Program for Organizations

TIAS School for Business and Society maintains close contacts with nationally and internationally operating organizations. We develop tailor-made courses for all subjects, disciplines and functions that are relevant to business transformation. This can be a 100% tailor made program or a customized program, made up of existing program components from our open courses.

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Expertise: create impact by combining leadership growth with expert knowledge on business management.

In-depth learning, extension and connection: gain a solid foundation and an all-round perspective on business management, as well as a business specialization of your choice.

With our program you will develop a broader perspective on the business, you will become a better discussion partner for management and you will be able to collaborate better with different disciplines within and outside your organization.

Learn to substantiate your vision or strategic advice using academic theories and models.

Personal support: our tailored approach and one-on-one coaching will help you maximize your results.

Practice-based concepts and challenging working methods open up new ways of thinking you can apply in your work from day one.

Improved study efficiency: frequent interaction with our team of lecturers -outstanding academics and industry experts- will inspire you and help you improve your learning efficiency.


  • Our participants rated this program 4.49 out of 5 in the 2019 National Student Survey
  • The TIAS fulltime MScBA is the #1 Master’s Degree in Management in the Netherlands, according to The Economist

What can this program do for you? To take your next step in business, you need to be well prepared. In this program, you are taught by top-notch professors and industry experts who know all about the latest business management trends and developments. You will be able to use the knowledge you have gained in your organization right away. This will help you connect what you have learned to the challenges at work. In addition, you get to choose a specialization that truly interests you. You will be working with highly motivated participants who are at the same level as you, discussing and challenging each other on important topics.



‘I didn't want to be a branch manager all my life and started asking myself what’s the next step in my career. The broadly oriented MScBA of TIAS seemed to me the right training to create more opportunities for myself. A good choice, during my thesis I already received an offer for my current position. As a Data Analytics Consultant, I work with people with very different skill sets. The MScBA’s broad business orientation, in-depth management skills and specialization in business analytics help me enormously. I now have a good idea of work processes with data, how to set up projects in this field properly, as well as how to come to better insights in a Data Science Team. Thanks to the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired, I also have a better understanding of where people with various personalities and skill sets are coming from. I can talk with them in their professional jargon, explain my view and choose the matching collaboration processes to come to the best results. In addition, the quality of the professors at TIAS, both in teaching skills and expert knowledge, is excellent, as well as the program’s design. Following lectures about a specific topic every 2 to 3 weeks in a weekend ensures not only a better integration of the subject matter, but is also ideal in combination with a full-time job.’

Walter Füglistahler Data Analytics Consultant Jumbo Supermarkten


Overview of the Part-time Master in Business Administration (MSc)

  • Block 1: Foundation modules
  • Block 2: Specialization tracks modules
  • Block 3: Integration modules
  • Block 4: Thesis

The Part-time Master in Business Administration offers Foundation modules on management topics such as Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Leadership and Supply Chain Management, combined with modules that form Specialization tracks. These Specialization tracks are:

  • Change & Business Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Future of Finance

In the Integration modules you integrate the knowledge and skills you gained in the first two phases and continue to expand on them. Your understanding deepens and your insights improve. This 3rd block of modules also includes an international study trip. For your thesis, you may use a topic from your own workplace—this will help you directly contribute to your organization. The four phases are planned over 18 months. Block 1, 2 and 3 are made up of various modules that last two weeks each. The first week of each module consists of lectures. The second week provides time for independent study and group assignments. Phase 4 consists of the Master’s thesis. Fulltime Master of Science in Business Administration program design:



(Partially) compulsory in case of academic deficiencies

Duration: 4 tot 6 weeks



Start: June Duration: 6 months



Change & Business Management Business Analytics Future of Finance Start: Jan Duration: 7 months



Strategic Management Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics International Study Trip Start: Aug Duration: 4 months



In the final block of the program, you complete your Master’s thesis. Start: Oct Duration: 5 months

Time investment

Online en on-site: The program is designed in such a way that it is possible to optimally combine your studies with your job. You follow lectures at Utrecht Campus for 3 days per month on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the meantime, you will use the online campus for self-study. Because we value personal guidance, you can always contact us with all your questions about your studies.

Results: Master of Science in Business Administration

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be granted the title of Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration. This program is academically accredited by the AACSB and by the NVAO (Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders).


In today’s volatile business environment, international organizations need people with the expertise to guide them towards sustainable value creation. TIAS is uniquely positioned to help you deepen your understanding of a turbulent and fast-changing international business environment and support you in growing into an internationally-oriented manager with the Master in Business Administration (MScBA) program. The program starts with a generalist core of knowledge and skills related to all the business functions of a company, such as marketing, finance/business economics, strategic implementation, information management, entrepreneurship, change management, as well as organizational behavior and leadership, innovation, collaboration, and business research skills. In the second part of the program, participants can choose a specialization to pursue new disciplines and gather the latest academic insights in emerging business administration fields. The program's unique feature is the combination between theory and practice, with the application of academic rigor to solve international business challenges at an operational and strategic as well as sustainable level. Throughout the MSc program you experience the Personal Leadership Program (PLP) that supports your development of interpersonal skills and competences, helping you grow to successfully tackle complex issues and challenges from different perspectives with a fresh vision, impacting your own life, the organization you work for and society as a whole Prof.dr. Alfred Slager RBA Academic Director



22 months


€ 30.400


Specialization tracks






Do you want to create more impact on your organization and on society?

With the flexible approach of TIAS, you create impact:

  • Tailor your education and learning path to your learning needs
  • Learn a lot in a short time through frequent interaction
  • Individual attention is at the heart of the TIAS approach
  • Learn at your own pace, both online and on-site
  • Start whenever you want

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