Build A solid foundation for your career In any business environment—local or international—you have to keep your eye on the ball and be ready to quickly respond to the many innovations out there. This is how you discover and create opportunities. As an ambitious young professional, it is important to seize these opportunities that will help you grow in your current position or make the switch to a new one. You can get there by improving your leadership skills and business acumen. This will increase your power and effectiveness in the local or international business environment in which you operate.

Part-time Master of Business Administration With the part-time Master of Business Administration, you build a solid foundation for your career. The program provides you with up-to-date expert knowledge and helps you develop in the areas of leadership, team coaching, and personal growth. This in turn will help you improve your negotiation, presentation, and leadership skills. In 18 months, you will become an internationally oriented management professional who knows how to make an impact.

Why Choose TIAS School for Business and Society?

  • TIAS Master's programs are among the top in the Netherlands accorting to the Dutch Keuzegids Masters 2020
  • TIAS' full-time MSc of Business Administration (MScBA) is the best Master in Management in the Netherlands, according to The Economist
  • Participant rating: A total score of 4.49 out of 5 in the 2019 National Student Survey
  • Internationally recognized MScBA master's degree, accredited by NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) and AACSB, the most important international accreditation for management training
  • Knowledge you can put to use immediately

Participant profile


Bachelor, Master

Average work experience

5 years

Average age


Participant profile Our participants are from various backgrounds—they come from the world of art, law, technology, history, or business.

Customized to your needs Studying at TIAS means an education to fit your requirements. Our Program Adviser is always available to discuss which study components are relevant to you and how to combine your study with your job. You will also receive advice on career development to support you in making the right choices for a successful career.

InCompany program for organizations TIAS School for Business and Society also provides InCompany training for organizations. TIAS will draw up a program of practical relevance that is fully in line with the organization’s ambitions and development concerns, based on the latest scientific insights.

More inforamtion about our InCompany options? Please contact the Program Adviser.