Get your Master's degree in MRE and increase your lead in the real estate sector

The real estate sector is in transformation. From supply-driven to demand-driven concepts, from commissioning to integrated collaboration, and from fingerspitzengefĂĽhl to data-driven decision-making. In the modular part-time Executive Master of Real Estate, you will investigate the significance of these changes for the sector and the consequences for you and your organization.

Set-up part-time Executive Master of Real Estate (MRE)

The Executive Master of Real Estate consists of 3 content modules and an MSc track. Depending on your level of education, a premaster may be required. Within each module, we alternate professional knowledge with coaching and workshops. The focus is on personal development. These are the 3 modules and the MSc track:

  • Value creation with Real Estate Analytics
  • Financial Innovation in Real Estate
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship in Real Estate
  • MSc track: 2 elective modules + thesis

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Read more about the MRE modules and what the Academic Director says about this Master:

Personal development

As a central thread through the MRE program, we offer you a personal development track. The aim is that, in addition to gathering knowledge and insights, you will also take steps in your development as a future leader in the real estate sector. It is an individual process, focused on your experience and seniority and your position in your organization or field of work. The personal development program consists of three workshops combined with e-coaching. The workshops help you to develop competencies in the field of leadership, negotiation and change management. For the e-coaching, you get assigned a coach, who helps you to work on management issues from your personal work practice.

Result: master’s title (MSc or MRE)

If you successfully complete this master's program, you can choose between the prestigious title of Master of Real Estate (MRE) or the internationally recognized academic title of Master of Science (MSc). The program is accredited by the NVAO, Aedes, NRVT and VBA.

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