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Internationally recognized Master's degree (MPM or MSc), accredited by the NVAO

Two intakes per year

Create social value for the public domain

As a professional or manager in the public domain, you are constantly weighing the needs of governments, stakeholders, and citizens. This requires strong management and leadership skills. New theoretical frameworks will help you look at problems from multiple angles, see new possibilities, and find practical solutions. Since you understand the context of the interaction between public organizations and the political, administrative, and social environments, you will be able to create social value for the public domain.

A degree that lets you have an impact on business and society? I’ll be happy to help you find the program or course of study that best suits your ambitions, learning goals and career path.

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Participant Profile

The Executive Master of Public and Non-Profit Management (MPM) is aimed at experienced managers and professionals in public and non-profit organizations. The participants have an average of 10 years' professional experience in a variety of roles, mostly in management. The average age is 42. Our participants include:

  • Managing directors or executives
  • Functional managers
  • Policy advisors
  • Public domain professionals

InCompany Program for Organizations

TIAS School for Business and Society maintains close contacts with nationally and internationally operating organizations. We develop tailor-made courses for all subjects, disciplines and functions that are relevant to business transformation. This can be a 100% tailor made program or a customized program, made up of existing program components from our open courses.

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Expertise: your ability to take a step back means you can identify multiple possible solutions and use them to create public value

Broader, deeper understanding: gain expert knowledge and insights in your own field and extend your learning to other fields

Personal support: our one-on-one support and highly efficient learning methods help you maximize your results

Practice-oriented concepts and challenging approaches encourage fresh ways of thinking that are immediately applicable in your work

Interaction with a diverse group of participants: learn with and from each other

Participant rating Our own participants rate MPM 8.5 out of 10

Customizable program Studying at TIAS means a tailor-made education. We offer customized programs to anticipate your and your organization's individual needs. We also provide career development advice to help you make the right choices for a successful career. The Executive Master of Public and Non-Profit Management has two intakes per year.

What is your added value as a Master of Public and Non-Profit Management?


‘This program teaches you how to create public value’ “As the government is changing, so is the role of public manager. This program teaches you how to create public value for citizens, patients, clients, students, and for society as a whole. It also teaches you how to work with other parties and stakeholders to achieve this. This gives you a much broader perspective on your own work.″ Hildemarie Schippers Team Leader Risk Management, Flevoland Fire Department


The Executive Master of Public and Non-Profit Management lasts 18 months and consists of three themes divided into modules. At the end of the program, you write a Master's thesis. Within each theme, we alternate professional knowledge with coaching and workshops. The MPM master's program is inspired by Mark Moore's Public Value model. The beginning of each module consists of four weeks of online learning. This preparation is followed by three days of interactive meetings and lectures. The study load of this part-time MPM Master’s program is 12-15 hours a week.

Result: Master's degree (MSc or MPM)

Upon successful completion of the Master’s program, you may choose between the prestigious Master of Public and Non-Profit Management (MPM) degree or the internationally recognized academic title of Master of Science (MSc). The degree is accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).


Develop and implement excellent solutions in the supply chain "The field of operations and supply chain management is changing. Developments such as 3D printing, sustainability, digitization and consumer demand mean that you constantly have to re-examine the current way of working. With this part-time MOS master's program, you acquire skills to set up and execute excellent operational processes and to realize solutions. You will gain more problem-solving skills in a number of areas and develop a broader strategic vision in the field of operations and supply chain. You can apply the latest insights and knowledge directly in daily practice, so that as a participant you will already earn back the costs after three modules. After completing this part-time MOS master's program, many participants have also developed further and made the next career step in operations and supply chain management. I would be happy to discuss your next career move with you. " Dr. Freek Aertsen Academic Director



18 months


€31,500 (tax deductible)

Customizable program

Two intakes per year






Do you want to create more impact on your organization and on society?

With the flexible approach of TIAS, you create impact:

  • Tailor your education and learning path to your learning needs
  • Learn a lot in a short time through frequent interaction
  • Individual attention is at the heart of the TIAS approach
  • Learn at your own pace, both online and on-site
  • Start whenever you want

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I would like to help you discover how this Master matches your ambitions, learning goals and phase in your career. Feel free to contact me for personal advice.

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We develop leaders who serve society by transforming business

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We are the go-to-school for business transformation that serves society. An international hub for life long development for leaders who want to have an impact on society through business, now and in the future.

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