Growing as a strategic thinker and leader

Organizations are constantly changing and developing. This has everything to do with the environment that is constantly evolving. These changes require proper management of organizational and strategic processes, which in turn requires knowledge of various strategic topics that can be applied in real life. The Strategic Leadership Module teaches you how to make well-informed strategic decisions and effectively manage the organization developing its vision. This will help you grow as a strategic thinker and leader.


Participant profile

This module is designed for executive managers who want to take the next step to get organizations moving. The participants include:

  • C-Suite
  • Senior executives in the second or third echelon of large organizations
  • Managing directors or MT members of medium-sized organizations
  • Regional directors and country managers
  • Senior project managers
  • Business Unit directors


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Why this module?

Helping your organization grow effectively In this module, you will work on solutions for a challenge of your own definition. You will also reflect on the performance of your Management Team and your organization. Together with your peers, you will gain new insights and solutions for the strategic challenges you encounter in your work. New knowledge and insights will help you grow your organization effectively.

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Forecast how external developments will affect you, your team, and your organization
  • Deal with the paradoxes and conflicts that arise from the increasing diversity and complexity surrounding strategic management and leadership issues
  • Make important and well-informed strategic decisions for your organization
  • Give a boost to strategic challenges

Content Strategic Leadership module

Our inspiring lectures will provide you with new knowledge and insights, as well as a wealth of professional experience. In the Strategic Leadership Module, we focus on two crucial roles of the strategic leader:

Strategic Thinker During the first part of the module, you will improve your own strategic understanding, find new perspectives, and become more aware of your own strategic assumptions and paradigms. This will take your ability to conduct strategic analysis and develop a strategic vision to the next level.

Strategic Guide During the second part of the module, you will be encouraged to reflect on the strategy formation process within your organization and your influence on this process. How do you involve people in your process, how do you ensure things are dealt with strategically, and how do you mobilize people to shape the future together?

Executive Leadership & Management Program

The Strategic Leadership Module is part (core module) of the Executive Leadership & Management Program (ELMP). More information about this program:



Academic Director and Professor of Strategic Leadership at TIAS Prof. Meyer conducts research in the field of organizational strategy and leadership. He also teaches various Masters and company-specific programs and is the director of the Center for Strategy & Leadership. He has published various books, including the acclaimed Strategy: An International Perspective. His most recent publication is Leadership Agility: Developing Your Repertoire or Leadership Styles.


The fee for the Strategic Leadership Module is €7,000. This fee includes the opening dinner, literature, lunches, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Study costs are tax deductible This module is exempt from VAT.

Admission requirements

The level of this module is closely linked to the level of the participants. That is why we apply the following admission requirements:

  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree
  • Strategic responsibility in a senior position
  • A minimum of 15 years' work experience, of which 8 years at management level

Financing options

You can use your personal deduction or the tax deduction for study costs to help finance this program. That way, the tax authorities will pay for part of your education.

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