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Invest in yourself and create impact

Passion and ambition—the key guidelines of your career so far. But you want more: you want to create a bigger impact. Globally driven economics and rapidly changing organizational dynamics call for exceptional leadership. To succeed, you will need a great skillset. You know that as a manager, you need to see the bigger picture—you will need to develop engaging personal qualities and a deeper understanding of the wider social ramifications of your decisions. Our Full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program helps you bolster your career as you achieve carefully planned objectives. Our program focuses on personal, academic and social progress. You will target key areas of development, making you the leader you want to become. Get an internationally-oriented degree in a diverse, intellectually stimulating environment, in which the contrasting backgrounds and experiences of your peers challenge you to grow.

A degree that lets you have an impact on business and society? I’ll be happy to help you find the program or course of study that best suits your ambitions, learning goals and career path. Please feel free to contact me for personal advice or schedule a meeting directly.

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You might be wondering: is the Netherlands the right country for me to study? Did you know that the Netherlands has one of the strongest economies in the world? Quite an achievement for such a small country! You will feel at home in a country where 95% of the people speak English and that is home to students from over 160 countries. Tertiary education in the Netherlands is known for its international approach and excellent quality. The country has one of the largest numbers of English-taught university courses in continental Europe, making studying in the Netherlands a highly recommended choice for expats. More facts and figures about the Dutch economy and living in the Netherlands:

  • The Netherlands ranks 4th in the IMD 2020 World Competitiveness ranking
  • The Netherlands ranks 5th in the 2020 Global Innovation Index
  • The unemployment rate in the Netherlands is very low at 4.5%
  • The Netherlands is the 2nd biggest agricultural exporter worldwide
  • The Netherlands is well-known for a very good work-life balance
  • The Netherlands is the 6th happiest country in the world!


Participant profile

Regardless of what part of the world you are from or what your professional background is, get ready to meet people who have followed a completely different path! Diversity is key in designing our MBA classes. Our student body is made up of a wide variety of geographical and professional backgrounds. You will be joining a culturally rich group, brought together from all areas of business. Most participants are from the world of finance, technology or consultancy, but we also welcome marketing & sales professionals and people from other backgrounds. MBA participants are on average 32 years old and hold at least a bachelor’s degree, combined with a solid professional background and at least 3 years’ work experience. The group is internationally diverse with over 15 nationalities and has an equal number of female/male students. Approximately 90 percent of participants come from a country other than the Netherlands. To be eligible to join the full-time MBA, you must meet a number of admission requirements. We carefully select a group of driven, high-potential talents in order to provide participants with the best possible learning experience. Region of origin of the 2020-2021 MBA program participants:

InCompany Program for Organizations

TIAS School for Business and Society maintains close contacts with nationally and internationally operating organizations. We develop tailor-made courses for all subjects, disciplines and functions that are relevant to business transformation. This can be a 100% tailor made program or a customized program, made up of existing program components from our open courses.

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The reasons for pursuing an MBA are as numerous as they are diverse. In the end, the net result for all those making the journey is the same: their professional skills have improved, regardless of their job description and responsibilities. They have learned new ways of looking at their responsibilities and their challenges. They have added new theories, insights, techniques and capabilities to their skillset that help them meet those challenges head-on. These skills are recognized around the world: an MBA from a renowned institute is a universally accepted token of ability, skill and tenacity that opens doors to career opportunities that were previously out of reach. The highlights of the TIAS MBA:

Benefit from the latest business knowledge and strategic insights.

Join an internationally oriented program that immerses you in a diverse, intellectually stimulating environment with peers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Gain new knowledge and improve your general management skills in just one year.

Excel with the Personal and Career Development Program (PCDP) and get a better understanding of who you are and what you are capable of, so you can establish and achieve your ultimate career goals.

Get into contact with companies through both inter- and extracurricular activities like: career days, business projects, TIAS student consultancy and business challenges.

Become an all-round, responsible leader by exploring social aspects that go beyond traditional management standards.

Learn more about strategy development and implementation.

Focus on putting theory into practice.

Optional double degree track: In 1,5 years you are able to achieve an MBA and an MSc degree with a specialization in Business Analytics or Financial Management.


  • The Economist (2021): TIAS’ Full-time MBA is the #1 MBA in the Netherlands.
  • TIAS School for Business and Society jumped from #38 in 2019 to #30 in the Financial Times European Business Schools 2021 Ranking.
  • The TIAS Full-time MBA is top 33% worldwide and is strong in Return on Investment, Class & Faculty Diversity and Thought Leadership according to the QS Ranking 2021

What can this program do for you?

Pursuing the full-time MBA is a life-changing experience that will equip you with excellent tools for growth, both personally and professionally. To make the most of your newly gained knowledge and insights, it is essential that you also develop relevant personal, professional and job-market related skills. TIAS partners with professional coaches who will work with you on all aspects of your skillset, both individually and in team sessions. This will prepare you to accept positions in industry with higher leadership responsibilities and create a positive impact to your own or your organization’s future success.





“I grew tremendously and learned many new skills over the past year, but if I had to pick the most important aspect of my growth, that would be personal development.” The speaker is Marizel Vorster, who has just completed her Full-time MBA. “Many of the students at our recent graduation agreed that we never expected to grow so much personally when we met and started our journey together. The focus on business and society, along with our class’s diversity, definitely contributed to my leadership development and my perspective on developing the whole company as a whole. Essentially, I gained and practiced a growth mindset.” Read Marizel's story here.


Personal impact development The Full-time MBA program is built around three axes: Academic, Personal and Societal. The aim is to develop your skills and abilities in all three directions and on multiple levels. To make you a better leader – better for you, your team, the environment and society at large. Personal Impact is not only achieved through knowledge, but also through networks, skills and competencies. To help you improve these attributes and make them part of an effective career plan, we offer a Personal and Career Development Program (PCDP). The aim of the PCDP is to increase your self-awareness; understand who you are as a person, with your unique talents, qualities, drives and values, to establish and work towards your ultimate career goal. One of the key elements is the Personal Leadership Program called ABBY, which stands for Accelerate By Being You. Subsequently, in personal coaching sessions you will deep dive on your learnings and self-discoveries. Besides, TIAS is well known and highly evaluated on the very personal approach by their career consultants. Each individual student is assigned a personal coach and a career consultant, and the career consultant is available for free career advice up to 3 years after graduation. You will be the starting point for the guidance you might need, to work towards your career goal. You will understand who you are and what your capabilities are. By focusing on your strengths, you take your capabilities to the next level. To be well prepared for the (Dutch) job market, we will offer you very hands-on “learning labs”, focusing on LinkedIn, targeted CV, networking and job interview. Improve your communication, presentation and networking skills and expand your network during workshops and company outreach days. In the academic courses you will practice skills and you will learn to speak to inspire.

Get your double degree TIAS is offering Full-time MBA students the possibility to get a double degree! In 1,5 years you are able to achieve an MBA and an MSc degree with a specialization in Business Analytics or in Financial Management.

Fulltime Master in Business Administration program design:


  1. Accounting & Finance (online preparation in advance)
  2. Quantitative Methods (online preparation in advance. Consolidation in block 1.)
  3. Academic Writing (online preparation in advance. Consolidation in block 1.)

Start: July Duration: 2 months


  1. Introduction to Business and Society
  2. Academic Skills
  3. Quantitative Methods
  4. Managerial Accounting & Control
  5. Managing Sustainable Business Models

Start: September Duration: 7 weeks


  1. Managerial Finance
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Economics for Business
  4. Introduction to Dutch Language
  5. Diversity & Organizational Behavior

Start: November Duration: 7 weeks


  1. Sustainable Innovation Management
  2. Corporate Strategy
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Operations & Supply Chain Management

Start: January Duration: 7 weeks


  1. Sustainable Development Goals in Business Practice
  2. Navigating Complexity in Emerging Markets
  3. Business & Society in EU Context (Brussels Trip*) * This trip is subject to COVID-19 measures/developments.

Start: March Duration: 7 weeks


Start: May Duration: 8 weeks (project) and 4 weeks (final paper)


Start: December Duration: 6 months

Tailoring your program

Throughout the program, you can tailor parts of the program to fit your interests. Elective courses on Data Skills and Programming, working on your own start-up, or conducting an internship at the end of your program: the choice is yours. Pending current travel restrictions, the TIAS MBA also offers an international study trip. - Electives - Entrepreneurial Project - Internship - Study Trip

TIAS is offering Full-time MBA students the possibility to get a double degree! In 1,5 years you are able to achieve an MBA and an MSc degree with a specialization in Business Analytics or in Financial Management.


Our full-time MBA is taught over 12 months at our campus in Utrecht. The study load for this Master is around 50 hours a week.

Results: Master of Business Administration

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be granted the title of MBA. This program is accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders). Upon successful completion of the specialized track Business Analytics, you will be granted the title of Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration. This program is academically accredited by the AACSB and by the NVAO (Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders).


“The TIAS MBA broadens your knowledge base. By the end of the program, you will have gained valuable knowledge on all aspects of business. You will learn how to tackle complex business challenges in a fast-moving world. But an MBA is not just about gaining business knowledge: it is very much a journey of personal growth. To achieve this, our program focuses on skills development, personal growth, leadership, and coaching. On top of this, your interaction with peers from diverse backgrounds will provide a unique learning experience.” Associate Professor Dr. Eric Dooms Academic Director


About the TIAS campus in Utrecht Our full-time MBA program takes place at our campus in Utrecht, the lively center of the Netherlands. Utrecht’s hundreds of monuments give this centuries-old city a unique atmosphere. Utrecht is home to over 25% of the 330,000 students in the Netherlands, making it one of the country’s largest student populations. Utrecht’s central location forms a perfect base for exploring the rest of Europe. The MBA program is offered at our Utrecht campus. With five lecture theaters, seven breakout rooms and one scrum area, the new TIAS building is a modern educational location. The theaters and the breakout rooms offer the flexibility of doing group work as well as providing engaging lectures. State of the art audio and video have been installed, so that participants can work interactively. The location is also sustainably furnished. Therefore, at our Utrecht location we are able to provide upgraded teaching facilities in a modern educational and sustainable location. Further, the Utrecht campus is located in the center of The Netherlands, near to Amsterdam and very easy to travel to other European countries.

Scholarships TIAS School for Business and Society understands the financial commitment of funding an MBA. Like you, we also know knowledge is power and great education is priceless. This is why we offer merit-based scholarships to qualified candidates to encourage a diverse and inclusive classroom. Most scholarships are essay-based and all essays should reflect your personal point of view expressed in your own words. The quality of the admission application will also be taken into consideration.

Staying in the Netherlands after graduation Once you have officially graduated, you can apply for the Orientation Year visa. This visa allows you to work or do an internship in the Netherlands for one full year. After this year, your company can sponsor you with a Work Visa. You can apply for the Orientation Year Visa for up to three years after your graduation. This means you can return to your home country first and come back to the Netherlands within the three-year period to apply for the Orientation Year Visa and start your career.


Start dates

September 2022

Application deadline

June 30, 2022


12 months for the Full-time MBA program


Entire master: € 38500 (free from VAT) Double Degree MScBA: € 6000 (free from VAT)






Do you want to create more impact on your organization and on society?

With the flexible approach of TIAS, you create impact:

  • Tailor your education and learning path to your learning needs
  • Learn a lot in a short time through frequent interaction
  • Individual attention is at the heart of the TIAS approach
  • Learn at your own pace, both online and on-site
  • Start whenever you want

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Full-time MBA event

Get to know the Full-time MBA from TIAS during the online event on June 14 and discover what we can do for you and your career!


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Our conviction We believe business exists to serve society. Our purpose We develop leaders to serve society by transforming business. Our mission We are the go-to school for business transformation that serves society. Our vision We are an international hub for life-long learning and development for leaders who want to have impact and serve society by transforming business. TIAS #Neverstopasking At TIAS, we encourage people to never stop asking. To be critical, inquiring and creative, with a strong focus on collaboration.