Expertise: The input from our Personal Leadership program, combined with the integrations from the various blocks on general administration , will help you generate impact

In-depth Learning, Extension and Connection: You will gain

in-depth knowledge and insights within your own area of expertise and extend your learning to other areas, which will ultimately all come together

Work-Study-Life Balance: The weekly study load and once-a-month lecture sessions are specially designed to fit with your work and personal life

Personal Support: Our tailored approach and one-on-one coaching will help you maximize your results

Practice-Based Concepts and challenging working methods open up new ways of thinking that you can apply in your work from day one

Interaction with a Passionate Group of Like-Minded Individuals: You will learn from and with each other and you are encouraged to think outside of the box

Excellent Program: #1 Global Executive MBA program in terms of career opportunities in the QS Top MBA

How to combine work, your personal life and studies?

What Do You Get Out of this English-Taught Executive MBA Program?

Our all-round, fully English-taught Executive MBA program offers a one-of-a-kind leadership program. You will develop both your professional and personal skills and gain in-depth knowledge of the field, which gives you a unique advantage. Our EMBA program is founded on solid academic principles and promotes integrative and critical thinking. Your personal development is a key part of the curriculum. As part of our EMBA you will undergo a personal transition that allows you to lead with impact and to make a difference in your own future, and that of your organization.

The TIAS EMBA is more than just an MBA – you will work on your business acumen and sharpen your management skills, while developing your professional and personal competencies.

You can expect to:

  • Generate impact with our Personal Leadership Program
  • Become the architect of your professional future
  • Challenge and boost your extensive professional experience with the experience and knowledge of your fellow students – the best way to expand and capitalize on your talents.
  • Put your acquired knowledge and skills to use from day one
  • Identify changing business models and markets and increase your agility to adapt
  • Learn how to get the most out of your teams and employees by being a sparring partner and inspirator


'The Executive MBA program has helped me tremendously as a manager, by teaching me to look at things from different perspectives. This EMBA course has encouraged me to broaden my horizon and take a close look at how I can improve in my own professional field. The program also focuses on the social impact of your business. You look at long-term solutions that will help your company contribute to society. The Executive MBA course was easy to combine with my personal life. Lectures only took place during one weekend a month, which meant I did not have to sacrifice quality time with my family or my job.'

Boy Sleddering

Business Manager