Life Long Development
At TIAS we believe in Life Long Development, continuous personal, professional and network development during and after your studies. With more knowledge, better skills and a broader network, you will be able to create more impact and be successful.

Personal guidance
Training at TIAS means personal attention and guidance throughout the entire program. The Program Manager ensures that each participant can focus one hundred percent on the program. And no unnecessary time is spent on practical arrangements, for example in case of illness or questions about the financing or the study load. The Program Manager relieves the participants as much as possible. So that they can enjoy getting the most out of the program and get the best possible results.

Tailor-made learning
Growing at TIAS means flexibility and tailor-made learning. We anticipate the specific development needs of participants and organizations. For example, we offer courses that you can set up flexibly according to your development needs (SEP, diploma courses). In addition, we offer short programs and masterclasses on specific topics. For organizations, we can also provide every training course InCompany or in an adapted form as a customized course.

Dynamic alumni network & packages
We have a large network of former participants. If you are following a course at TIAS, you will have gained more than 16,000 contacts at once, both at home and abroad. A course at TIAS will literally expand your world and your view of the world. And the best part is that this network can be reached in one click via TIAS Connect: the official network platform for alumni of TIAS.

We offer you our special Life Long Development services in three alumni membership packages:

TIAS: the business school for leaders of the future
Climate change, resources scarcity, migration, population growth and poverty have a major impact on our society. Companies have a special responsibility in devising sustainable solutions to these global issues.

Business with a purpose
It takes the right people to do it. Leaders, managers and professionals who can and dare change their organization into companies that operate less isolated from society and find a new balance between their own sustainable returns and their social role. TIAS School for Business and Society wants to become the number 1 Business School in Europe that helps people and organizations with this transition to business with a purpose.

Creating Shared Value
In order to realize this business, the leaders of the future need new management frameworks. These go beyond achieving the highest possible profits in the short term. That is why TIAS focuses on the concept of Creating Shared Value. In all our education programs and research, innovation, long-term business strategies, new sustainable business models and stakeholder involvement are reflected. Tools with which a company, together with its environment, can add value to society.

Never stop asking
At TIAS, we encourage the leaders of the future to investigate and ask critical questions. Even after the training. Never stop asking.

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