The Leadership & Management Diploma Program consists of five masterclasses of your choice. The masterclass Leadership and Strategic Management is mandatory. The TIAS masterclasses have been developed specifically for profit and non-profit, as these sectors each have their own dynamics.

Personal development program

The Leadership & Management Diploma Program is a flexible program. You can start all year round and choose the masterclasses that best suit your personal situation. Of course, it is possible to start with one masterclass first and then extend to a full diploma program later. If you choose for the entire program right away, we also offer a personal development program. You can choose between coaching or the masterclass Personal Leadership. In addition, you will do a final assignment. The diploma program can be completed within 1 year, but you are free to spread out the program over a period of 24 months.

Masterclasses and example tracks

To inspire you, we have put together a number of tracks with common combinations: General Management, Strategy and Innovation. If you choose one of these tracks (3 profit or 3 non-profit), an annotation will be made on the diploma. Take a look at the overviews with masterclasses for profit and non-profit and the possible tracks.

Curious which masterclasses and diploma tracks you may choose from?

View the possibilities for profit and non-profit below


Together with a TIAS coach, you will evaluate the new knowledge and insights you gain. You will also discuss what this means for your personal development and the consequences of these new insights for your organization.

Personal leadership

In the small-scale masterclasses we give extensive consideration to the importance of self-reflection and provide you with a deeper insight into your own functioning and your effectiveness.

Final assignment

To complete the diploma program, you write a paper in which you connect the core elements of the program with your daily work. By working on a current strategic issue from your own work practice, you immediately apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills in your organization.

More diploma programs

Besides the Leadership & Management Diploma Program, TIAS offers a program for professionals who already hold a senior position. Doubting which diploma program suits you best? The Program Adviser will be happy to advise you during a personal meeting.