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Do you want to learn how to future-proof your investments in real estate?

The real estate market is constantly changing. The need for real estate is changing rapidly due to social, economic and technological developments. For example, the growth in the number of households led to a housing shortage and the increase in online shopping has resulted in a surplus of retail properties. And what will be left of the office after the pandemic? Future-proof real estate is flexible in use, easy to transform and can be used as an alternative. New real estate concepts are emerging, but are difficult to fit into a traditional real estate portfolio. Investing in future-proof real estate requires vision and courage. Do you want to develop expertise for real estate investments with future value? Then the Advanced Program "Investing in Future-proof Real Estate" is for you.

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Participant Profile

Participants in the part-time Advanced Program Investing in Future-Proof Real Estate are involved in a broad variety of roles within the real estate chain. They may be active in real estate investment, development or consulting, or work as executives and managers at government agencies, banks, and housing associations. Participants have at least completed higher professional education and have five years of relevant professional experience. If you have 3 to 5 years' relevant work experience, you may be able to enrol, depending on your profile. Our participants include:

  • Assessors
  • Consultants
  • Managers or supervisors
  • Directors or deputy directors
  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Brokers
  • Asset managers
  • Plan economist

InCompany Program for Organizations

TIAS School for Business and Society maintains close contacts with nationally and internationally operating organizations. We develop tailor-made courses for all subjects, disciplines and functions that are relevant to business transformation. This can be a 100% tailor made program or a customized program, made up of existing program components from our open courses.

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The real estate market is developing at lightning speed. The impact of these developments on real estate investments is difficult to determine. This entails risks. In this program we understand and explain the impact of the developments. We then jointly formulate a vision on transformation tasks, future-proof real estate and new real estate concepts.

Expertise: You acquire knowledge about the spatial dynamics in the real estate market and can use this to explain the difference in value of real estate and locations.

Context: You know the developments in the real estate market like no other and you can translate their impact into preconditions for future-proof real estate.

Broadening and deepening: You learn to reflect on additional challenges of future-proof real estate. Think of new exploitation models, legal obstacles and financing options.

Interaction with a diverse group of participants: learn with and from each other through interactive assignments.

Practice-oriented concepts and challenging approaches encourage fresh ways of thinking that are immediately applicable in your work.

How will this program benefit you?

Our Advanced Program Investing in Future-Proof Real Estate prepares you for the future. This program offers science-based, practical insights and tools, helping you understand the real estate industry’s current challenges from multiple perspectives. You will learn how to contribute new solutions based on your evolving role and act as a strategic and proactive partner in the real estate decision-making process. You practice with the theory frequently and actively and apply it to your own daily operations, meaning the resulting educational output is high. You and your organization reap immediate benefits!


Are you interested in more education programs in Real Estate?

TIAS offers the possibility to obtain a Master of Science degree in Real Estate, or to follow individual modules from this master program. In addition to the Advanced Program Investing in Future-Proof Real Estate, there are three other professional themes that can be followed.

  • Real Estate Data Analytics
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Valuation, Financing and Investing

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"I have become a much stronger sparring partner" "The focus on investing in future-proof real estate in the MRE program really got me thinking. I am now much more researching how I can combine profit and social value within my organization. For example, one of the KPIs of our team is that every future project must consist of at least an x percentage of circular building material. And thanks to the up-to-date knowledge about investing in future-proof real estate, I can make a substantiated contribution to the discussions about this. The attention to current affairs and room for discussions during the lectures makes the enthusiastically presented teaching material immediately practically applicable. Thanks to the collaboration with participants from other corners of the real estate world, I started looking at real estate from a much broader perspective. Very fun and educational. The training has made me more critical and convincing. I really benefit from this in my role as a real estate specialist. " Kim van der Togt Commercial Manager at Cluster Business Accomodation - Janssen de Jong Groep


In the Advanced Program ‘Investing in Future-Proof Real Estate’ we focus on recent developments in the real estate market. The way we use real estate is changing as a result of social, demographic and economic developments—not to mention the pandemic. We look at the impact of these developments on demand and pricing in real estate markets. What are the opportunities—or should we say risks—for new real estate investments? Learn to navigate these dynamics and uncertainties and develop strategies for your own real estate investments. Het Advanced Program ‘Investing in Future-Proof Real Estate’ consists of the following blocks:

  • Dynamics in the real estate market
  • New real estate concepts

Program design and content:


You will gain insight into relevant trends and developments for the real estate sector in the field of real estate use and the behavior of (international) investors.


You will learn how social, economic and technological developments lead to a different use of the city and its real estate.

Time investment

After an online kick-off via Zoom, you prepare online for each content theme. Then you follow 2 days in-class on location. There is a lot of room for interaction with teachers and participants, both online and in the classroom. The time investment for the Advanced Program is 12 to 15 hours a week, not counting lectures.

Result: certificate of participation

On successful completion of the program, you receive a certificate of participation.


Aedes - NRVT - VBA - VastgoedCert.


“The price you pay for real estate is only a result. Behind this lies a world of trends that are constantly changing supply, demand and market relations. Therefore, invest time in understanding how markets and trends work. This means that you can estimate the value of any building. To understand which real estate concepts are future-proof, we delve into the function of real estate, the different sub-segments and the role of different actors. We also offer a clear future framework that offers you a firm grip on strategic decisions about real estate investments ”. Maarten Donkers Head of Knowledge & Control at Rabo Real Estate Finance



2 months


6200 Euro


Certificate of participation






Do you want to create more impact on your organization and on society?

With the flexible approach of TIAS, you create impact:

  • Tailor your education and learning path to your learning needs
  • Learn a lot in a short time through frequent interaction
  • Individual attention is at the heart of the TIAS approach
  • Learn at your own pace, both online and on-site
  • Start whenever you want

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